L&S Travel Cruises

Are you looking for adventure on the high seas in the Caribbean, or a culture-enriching experience through Europe?  A cruise vacation offers something for everyone. L & S Travel consultants have been onboard many cruise ships from various cruise lines and can give you first-hand information about different cruise options. L & S Travel consultants are eager to find the perfect cruise just for you. Even better, L & S Travel often has access to special discounts or perks specifically for L & S Travel customers.

Latest Cruise Packages by L & S Travel

"These things are fun and fun is good!"

Family Cruises

A cruise opens everyone’s eyes to fun.

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L & S Travel Cruise Specials

Cruise special summary

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Adventure Cruises

Enjoy a taste of exploration and adventure off the beaten path.

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Contemporary Cruises

Big, Modern, Family Fun, Choice.

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Classic Cruise

Tradition, elegance, sophistication.

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Luxury Cruises

Small, Enriching, Personalized, Experiences.

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River Cruises

Looking for life in the slow lane?

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