Family Cruises

Looking for an exciting way to see multiple locations, without leaving your hotel?  Look no further, Cruising is a fantastic way to see multiple destinations at one low cost.  Want to set sail on the vast blue ocean or wind your way through the romantic rivers of Europe? We’ve got you covered, there is no limit to where you can go, destinations include China, Galapagos Islands, Greece, Caribbean, Europe, and so much mor

Our cruise specialist have first hand experience of every cruise line and most itineraries which enables them to provide you with knowledge of services, amenities, and cultures on board ships, yachts, and river boats located all over the world!  Whether it be sailing down the Rhine River to jumping off the back of the Yacht into the crystal clear waters of Tahiti our team can walk you through all the exciting options.  

No need to be overwhelmed by all of the many choices, let our team at L&S Travel work with you to determine which cruise line and itinerary best meets your travel needs and desires.  Our service doesn’t stop there, we will walk you through choosing your excursions, planning your dining and much more.  All you’ll have to do is pack and walk aboard!