L&S Travel's Story

L & S Travel was established in 2008 shortly after Lindsay’s destination wedding in Jamaica.  When Lindsay and Chris decided on a destination wedding, the hunt started for a qualified travel agent to service guests’ travel needs and assist Lindsay with wedding and event planning. Disappointed with the travel agent’s inexperience with wedding planning, Lindsay took the bull by the horns, assumed the challenge of planning her own destination wedding, and successfully turned her dream wedding into reality. Lindsay and her mother, Sue, spent countless hours planning everything from travel, wedding ceremony, and special events that made the destination wedding memorable for everyone

While the memories included scheduled events, such as catamaran cruise and snorkeling, guests had time to enjoy the resort activities at their leisure. The ocean side wedding ceremony, followed by a cocktail reception and dinner, exceeded expectations – and, at a cost affordable for both Lindsay and her guests.

Thus was born L & S Travel, based upon Lindsay and Sue’s experience - a travel consultant organization defined by customized, personalized, unique and top notch service. Initially focused on destination weddings, L & S Travel has now expanded to a full–service travel agency.