To provide you with a reservation quote, trip insurance rates, and to book your reservation, the RESERVATION INFORMATION FORM must be completed and submitted to L & S Travel.  

Be sure the information you are entering in the form is what appears on government issued documents, such as Passports, Drivers Licenses, and birth certificates.  After clicking the "Submit" button, a popup message confirms your information has been submitted.  In addition, you will receive an email confirming your reservation information has been submitted. Allow a few seconds for the popup message to show on your screen and the email to arrive in your email box. If you do not see either the pop-up notification or receive an email confirming your submission, resubmit your reservation information.

An L & S Travel Consultant will respond to your reservation request within 24 business day hours. 

NOTE: This form is not a confirmation that your reservation is booked.

IMPORTANT! STEP 4 asks for payment information.SKIP STEP 4. DO NOT enter credit card information into the fields in the form. These are dead fields. Any informaiton entered is not sent to L &S Travel or stored in any L & S Travel client management systems.  You will receive a reservation invoice email with details for submitting your reservation payments.