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Why book your reservation with the group? 

Booking your reservation with the group provides the opportunity to participate in planned wedding events. For your reservation to be booked into the group, L & S Travel must process and manage your reservation. Booking with another travel supplier places your reservation outside the group and qualifies for fees charged to attend wedding events. Before booking your reservation through another travel supplier, contact L &S Travel to discuss the opportunity to price match what the travel supplier has provided.

Special Wedding Group Rates and Room Types


Reservations made after 6:00 PM EST/EDT April 30, 2019 are based upon the resort's current daily rate. 

Caribbean Suite Double

Caribbean Suite King

Rock Royalty Caribbean Sand Suite

Signature Family Suite: 2 Bedroom

Signature Presidential Suite: 1 Bedroom

*L & S Travel will explore price match opportunities. If you find a lower rate, contact L & S Travel to discuss what is needed for a successful price match.

What is included in the travel packages?

      -  Your resort stay

      -  Round trip PUJ airport/resort transportation

      -  Food, beverages, and spirits as part of the all-inclusive resort offering

What is not included in the travel packages?

      -  Tips/Gratuities

      -  Excursions/Spa Services

      -  Trip Insurance

      -  Airfare

What about airfare? 

L & S Travel is happy to include airfare in your travel package. Be sure to indicate on the RESERVATION INFORMATION FORM you are interested in including airfare and from which airport you will be flying. What about trip insurance?  L & S Travel offers trip insurance to protect your investment. Click the link to view the trip insurance description. Be sure to indicate on the RESERVATION INFORMATION FORM your interest in airfare and the airport from which you prefer to depart.

What about trip insurance?

 L & S Travel offers trip insurance to protect your investment. Click the link to view the trip insurance description. Be sure to indicate your interest in trip insurance on the RESERVATION INFORMATION FORM.


Important information..your passport & group booking

You will need to have a passport to travel internationally. The passport must be valid for six months after you return from the trip.  If your passport is due to expire before you travel, you will need to renew your Passport. Failure to do so may prevent you from traveling or entering back into the States.

Guests booking independently are considered to be booked outside the group. Wedding event fees may apply to guests who book outside the group.

Reservation, deposit, invoice, and final payment information

      -  Reservations are submitted through L & S Travel's RESERVATION INFORMATION FORM.

      -  The room deposit per traveler is a non-refundable/non-transferrable payment of $100 per person.

      -  Payment amounts on the reservation are at the discretion of the guest as long as the total balance due on the reservation invoice is

         paid in full by the final payment due date (6:00 PM EDT, July 11, 2019). No interest is charged!

      -  Final payment is due on or before 6:00 PM EDT, July 11, 2019.

      -  Late payments (payments made after 6:00 PM EDT, July 11, 2019) are subject to a 10% Late Payment Fee.

      -  If booking airfare on your own, forward airline confirmation email you received to 

      -  If booking airfare on your own, airline confirmation emails are to be sent to FLIGHT TEAM by August 2, 2019. 

         This information is needed to book and confirm your PUJ airport/resort transfers.

      -  All payments are made by using the  L & S TRAVEL ONLINE PAYMENT FORM.