L&S Vacations

"From there to here, and here to there, fun places are everywhere." - Dr. Seuss

A vacation is many things to many people. Some view it as chance to have a relaxing week away from anything but sand and sun. Others view a vacation as a chance to see new countries or historic sites. And, others see it as a time to have fun with friends and family in a casual setting.Whatever your preference...whether it be a specific destination or experience... there are many vacation opportunities that suit your tastes and needs perfectly.

L & S Travel Consultants have the expertise and “know-how” to assist you with identifying the what, where, and when in planning your next vacation.

Browse for some ideas. Check out our vacation destinations and different types of cruises. What you see is just a taste of opportunities and experiences. L & S Travel has many more vacation opportunities to offer you for your vacation.